Carlinghow Academy

Healthy Eating

Food in School
We are proud to be a healthy school and children are encouraged to eat as healthily as possible. We do not allow sweets, biscuits or crisps to be eaten in school. Children may either bring fruit to school for break times or they may usually buy fruit in school. Children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to free fruit at morning break time

School Meals

Most of the children have a school meal and these are cooked on the premises.  There is an element of choice although all children are told they must have a portion of fruit or vegetables on their plate. The meals are well prepared – evidenced by the fact that many staff have a school dinner!  The Kitchens were recently awarded a 'Healthy School' certificate.  Copies of the menus are available from the school office. Parents and carers are also encouraged to come in and try a free school meal – please ask in the office for details.
Children should not bring a drink to school to accompany a school meal. Water is always available.

Sandwich Meals

Sandwiches are available as a choice from the school dinner menu but some children bring sandwiches from home for school lunch.  Please note that if bringing sandwiches from home we have no facilities for keeping these cool.

  • need to bring sandwiches in a container for which they are responsible.
  • are allowed to bring their own drink in a suitable container (no glass please) or they may have water from school.
  • must not bring hot drinks / soups etc. to school for the obvious reasons of both personal and food safety.