Year 6 - Mr D Miree


Summer 2 Overview

“Some people are on the pitch. They think it’s all over…”

But there were still moments to go, and Hurst burst down the left flank as he looked to wind down the clock. Despite admitting that he intended to blast it into the crowd, Hurst’s final kick found its way into the back of the net, making him the only player in history to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final.

“It is now!”


This half term we will mainly be focusing on areas of Transition & Enterprise, hopefully we’ll have lots of opportunity to celebrate the World Cup too. Yaay!


During the second half of the summer term the children will be developing their instructional writing – children will write smoothie or pasta salad recipes for healthy eating day. They will also be writing a variety of arguments and debates – based upon relevant issues in the news at this time and finally they will be extending their imagination through a long narrative piece of writing – children will write their own prequel or sequel to our Hobbit story.



Children will use their skills of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 when converting between units of length, mass and capacity.

Children will convert in both directions for example: from grams to kilograms and vice versa.

They will convert where the number of decimal places given varies and understand the role of zero as a place holder.

Investigations: Pupils will have the opportunity to be creative in their knowledge of mathematics when solving puzzles or when creating their own puzzles. It can be quite a creative leap for a student to discover that there is something worth investigating in a puzzle or that a conjecture is worth following up. The objectives your child will be exposed to will allow them to start an investigation and once they’ve reached certain points, ask themselves the question: “WHAT IF ….?”


Further learning opportunities:


Computing / Music: Music and Sound

Children will be developing their own sound and music to create their own podcast. They will have the opportunity to vary the tempo and track starting position on the timeline to create complex sounds and compositions to add to their presentations / films / images / photos. Then create and share more sophisticated podcasts and consider the effect that their podcasts

will have on the audience. Use ICT to compose appropriate music for podcasts and evaluate its impact.


PSHE: Changing Me (including Sex Education)

This topic deals with change. Your child will have the opportunity to learn how to be aware of self-image and develop their own self-esteem, your child will learn how their bodies changes

during puberty and understand the importance of looking after themselves physically and emotionally, your child will then learn how to describe how a baby develops from conception through the nine months of pregnancy and how it is born, they will also learn to understand how being physically attracted to someone changes the nature of the relationship and become confident that they can cope with this and finally they will also identify what they are looking forward to and what worries them about the transition to secondary school and know how to prepare themselves emotionally for starting secondary school.


Physical Education: Athletics

Children will further focus on developing their technical understanding of athletic activity. They learn how to set targets and improve their performance in a range of running, jumping and throwing activities. As in all athletic activities, children think about how to achieve the greatest speed, height, distance or accuracy. All their hard work will lead towards a competitive Sports Day. (Please Note: P.E. is now back to Wednesday and an additional session will be held on Thursday. Full kit is required, Can you ensure your child has a pair of trainers as we will be outside from now on.)


Science: Light

Pupils will build on the work on light in year 3, exploring the way that light behaves, including light sources, reflection and shadows. They will talk about what happens and make predictions.

They will work scientifically by: deciding where to place rear-view mirrors on cars; designing and making a periscope and using the idea that light appears to travel in straight lines to explain how it works. We will investigate the relationship between light sources, objects and shadows by using shadow puppets. Children will have an opportunity to extend their experience of light by looking a range of phenomena including rainbows, colours on soap bubbles, objects looking bent in water and coloured filters and wonder why these phenomena occur.


French: The Environment

We will be learning how to describe the different types of weather, the different types of wildlife living in a pond and the different types of wildlife found in a garden. We will also learn how to say what we like and dislike doing in the garden and talk about the different types of rubbish and how they can be recycled. We will also be having a French afternoon.


Design & Technology: Food and a Garden Enterprise

During this half term, your child will be learning about food hygiene and then design and create their own Salad Pasta dish. We will also be entrepreneurs by designing and creating our own wooden product so it can decorate the garden. This topic will provide your child plenty of opportunities to use a variety of tools and materials. Will your child’s design be the best seller?


Geography/ History: Global Food

We will be learning how to use an Atlas and find information about countries and continents. Your child will also learn where certain food is grown and learn about the shortage of food in other countries.


Religious Education: ISLAM Prayers and Food

Our task will be to write a letter to school children from the point of view of a Muslim, explaining how Muslims believe that giving money to charity shows commitment to Allah. Children will learn about Muslim prayers and think about three things in their life that require commitment. Children will design a card to celebrate Ramadan. Children will also have the opportunity to explain some of the different ways that individuals show their beliefs and ask questions that have no universally agreed answers.


Extra Information: 

Please ensure your child reads at least 20 minutes each day and sign your child’s planner.

As your child is now entering the transition phase, homework will now be given out daily and will need to be handed in the following day.

Events upcoming Events

Enterprise Gala Day June 28th

Super Science Day July 3rd

Common Transition day Leeds July 9th

Common Transition Day Kirklees July 10th

Leavers Disco July 5th

Light Water Valley Trip July 17th

Year 6 Leaver’s Production Assembly July 20th

Kind regards

Mr. D. Miree.

class Teacher