Year 5/6 - Mr K Patel & Mrs N Dale

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to class KPNDY5/6!

The class teacher is Mr Patel and Mrs Dale and we also have Mrs Tuck and Mr Dadi to support the children. We have 29 pupils in the class, who are all showing enthusiasm for learning.

Here are some important days for children in KPNDY5/6:

PE is on Monday and Tuesday. It is advised that children bring their PE kits on Monday and keep them in school until Tuesday, when they can take their kits home to be washed for the following week’s PE lessons. Please ensure your child brings their PE kit every week.

Homework will be sent home on a Friday. The homework will build on the work we have done in class during that week. Children must remember to complete it for the Monday that follows and return it to school. Spellings will be sent home along with the homework and the test will be on the Friday of the following week.


It is extremely important that children remember to read every night and bring their reading books/records back into school the next morning. It is an excellent way for you to help your child succeed in both reading and writing!


Friday morning at 9.15am, we hold our celebration assembly where the whole school celebrates achievement. Please feel free to come along any Friday morning!


Curriculum Information

Literacy- In reading children will spend lots of time analysing different fiction and non-fiction texts to look at the meaning, language structure and organisation them. We will be focussing on explaining the meaning of words in context and using evidence from the text to build our inference skills.

In writing we will continue to develop our writing skills and will use the skills learned from reading and SPAG to be able to write in detail and at length. Our focus text is ‘The Journey’ which should be an exciting and thought provoking story! All the writing we do will be linked to The Journey.


Maths- We will be working with Geometry and looking at the effect on a shape after a given translation.  The children will move on to measuring volumes of different containers and calculating volumes.  Children will undertake different investigations and problems involving all four number operations to make maths real!

As always, please ensure you are practicing all times tables with your child in order to help them succeed in maths.


Science - This term will look at the following unit of work:


Living things and their habitats

Year 5’s will be identifying and naming a variety of common animals that are birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates.  Identifying and naming a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  They will be able to describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird and will learn to describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.



Year 6’s will be associating the brightness of a lamp or the volume of a buzzer with the number and voltage of cells used in the circuit. They will also compare and give reasons for variations in how components function, including the brightness of bulbs, the loudness of buzzers and the on/off position of switches.  The children will be able to recognise symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram.  The children will also work on classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics.



This half term, we will be learning the foundation subjects through the topic of Global foods the children will explain how eating different ingredients helps to give us a healthy and varied diet and understand the benefits of this. Explain nutritional similarities between different types of food eaten around the world and say why this is important.  They will be able to accurately follow a recipe and use a wide variety of basic food skills such as peeling, juicing and dicing which will enable them to prepare some more complex savoury dishes.


Computing – ‘We are architects’ children will use google sketch up to create buildings of their own design.  Children will move on to creating their own town or village.


French – The children will recap on the words and phrases learnt this year and playing games to help their understanding.


RE – The children will Consider and apply their ideas about ways in which diverse communities can live together for the well-being of all, responding thoughtfully to ideas about community, values and respect.


PE- The children will continue to develop their skills in athletics and prepare themselves for participating in our Sports Day.