Year 4 - Mr Y Nadat

Spring Term 2019



Welcome back to class YNY4/5


Hello and welcome back to the Year 4/5 class. We hope you’ve had a superb festive break and are ready to meet every learning challenge the new year brings! Mrs Tuck and Miss Murray, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Tucker are the ETA support during the set times through the week.



Things to remember:


  • Reading records - Please make sure you listen to your child read each day and sign their reading records. It is an excellent way for you to help your child succeed in both reading and writing! Please record which page your child has read to and also when they have finished a book so we know when to change it.
  • Times tables – This year it’s especially important that your child learns their times tables because a national test for Year 4 pupils is being introduced in June 2019. Children should spend 5 minutes each day learning their times tables at home to boost regular practice in class. Children are expected to know their times tables up to x12 by the end of Year 4. Fluency in times tables will really help with answering calculations quickly and efficiently.
  • Spellings - Our spelling test is on Monday. New spellings are sent home on the previous Monday, so make sure you help your child practice them ready for their test the following week.
  • PE is on Tuesday and Wednesdays, so make sure your child comes to school with their full PE kit – T-shirt and shorts, trainers, sweatshirt or hoodie and jogging bottoms for outdoor sessions.
  • Celebration assembly is at 2.15pm on Friday – Children who have impressed the adults in class will be chosen as our star pupil of the week and will receive a certificate of achievement. All mums, dads, grandparents or carers are welcome to come along any week.




Autumn term


Literacy – We will be reading Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd-Stanton. It’s about a young girl who goes on a dangerous journey to Ancient Egypt in a bid to conquer her fear of the dark. Writing outcomes include character description, poster and dilemma story.

Maths – We begin with measurement learning about different measures and conversions. They will also learn about perimeter using a square grid and finding perimeter of rectilinear shapes. After this they will move onto multiplication and division and use written methods to support with bigger calculations.


Science – This term we are looking at sound, discovering how different sounds are made, how they travel and how we can vary pitch, using experiments to embed our understanding.


Art – We will be working with clay, researching, then designing and creating an Egyptian-style model.


History – Our topic this half term is Ancient Egypt. Children will learn about the geography of the country, the lifestyle of the people, how they communicated, mummification and the role of gods in society. They will also discover how important artefacts are in finding out about ancient civilisations.


Computing – Children will use a program to edit music, create and develop a musical composition, and improve their ideas through reflection and discussion.


French – The focus is on animals and how to describe them along with following the plot of a story using known vocabulary.


Music - We will be taking part in call and response songs, adding actions and a beat.


RE – The focus is on co-operation and cohesion, learning how diverse communities can live together for the well-being of all.


PHSE – We will be following the Jigsaw scheme about dreams and goals; how to persevere and overcome difficulties that we may face.


Please help your child meet their targets by taking an interest in what they are doing in school and helping them when they need it.


The adults in class are working hard to make sure that the children in our class have a happy and successful year. If you wish to discuss anything concerning your child, please call in and see me at the beginning or end of the school day when we are usually available, or make an appointment at the office.