Foundation Stage 2

Hello and welcome to Foundation Stage 2’s area of the website. Most people know us by the name of Reception but our posh title is Foundation Stage 2.


There are two classes in FS2.

Mrs Jones and Miss Morton

And together with Mrs Harwood and Mrs Wharton

we make it a happy, safe and fun place for all the children.


Important information is displayed on the windows of the conservatory but it will also be posted on here together with our half-termly newsletter. Please make sure that every child has a book bag as it is needed for reading books and letters to go home.


Topic this term: ‘Growing, growing, growing!’.

We will be finding out what things need to grow – plants and us!  We will look for signs of Spring around our school in the hope that nice weather will be on it’s way.

We will also learn about life cycles of minibeasts and even look after some caterpillars  - fingers crossed we get lots of butterflies!


Foundation Stage Two Targets:

We have been working hard to set our learning targets. We would also like all the children to be doing the following at home:

  • Reading/looking at books.
  • Writing our name and other words, holding our pencil correctly and writing all of our letters in the correct way too.
  • Counting up to 20 objects.
  • Independently getting dressed and going to the toilet
  • Encouraging the children to enter the class at the start of the day independently.

Our rewards:

We have a pebble pot for good behaviour which we try and fill every week so we get a treat - it could be a sticker, extra playtime or something nice to eat!

We get STAR points for success, team-work, attitude and respect.  Once we get 5 star points we get a star for our star chart, and we get a chance to win a Carlinghow pencil in Friday’s celebration assembly.

We have a 4 ‘Stars of the Week’ – a star Reader, a star Mathematician, a star Writer and a Superstar in the Early Years Prime areas – this could be listening really well to what the teacher says and is someone who has shown the adults that they have tried really hard all week. The Superstar gets to take our class toy home for the weekend but we must remember to bring it back to school on a Monday!

As we do more work over the year we’ll fill you in and maybe put some photos on of what we have been doing. We love talking about what we are doing and I’m sure you will be just as excited as we are!